Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Virtual Beowulf...I am gamer

The Virtual Beowulf
Ode to the Gamer and the lives we have lived. 
by T. M. Goss (c) 2004 
- theme music coming soon -

I have stalked digital prey.

I have bested fighting champions, I have faced an 8ft, 16-bit gorilla that wears a tie and a mad robot scientist that was shaped like an egg. I have kinged my fighters, mortaled my kombats, and gotten engaged to a pretty lady named Eliza - a bazillion times. I have sped through London without getting a ticket, and chased ghostly figures while eating little yellow dots. I have made Al Unser, Jr. eat my smoke on the racetrack and served root beer soda to angry patrons; most of whom were lousy tippers. The grim reaper swiped a sickle at me, so I ran around in my boxer shorts...I don't know why. I have been behind enemy lines and successfully stolen their secret plans, I have tested my strength on wood, bottles, bricks, ice, oil drums, barrels, and funny shaped blue import cars. I have doubled my dribbles, doubled my dragons, and doubled over in laughter when yet another trash-talking windbag went down in flames, hit the canvas or watched me win the superbowl - again. As a mercenary, I have fought in countless wars. As an environmentalist, I fought to keep an amphibian from getting squished on the highway. I’ve also fought wack controls where two buttons were sticking, another one was missing and I could not move backward, only forward, depending on whichever direction I was facing. I have scaled castle walls and crawled through dungeons, halted organized crime rescuing multitudes, and sometimes just a single person. A giant, upright-walking “brontosaurs” has spewed a 30ft long flame at me and I survived.

I have been a boy on a bike, a kid on a skateboard and a warrior trained in the deadly art of salt and pepper shakers. I have been an athlete, an acrobat bat, an astronaut shooting at rocks in space, a pilot, a prince, an undercover officer, a cowboy, a crime-fighter, a spy in black, a spy in white, a spy with a really cool sneak ability and a really classic mullet hair-do. I have chosen to be hero, not villain and have seen those vanquished who have been a villain to oppose me. I have been emperor, warlord, ninja, blacksmith, singer, dancer, superstar, xiao-lin monk apprentice, president, football coach, baseball coach, elf thief class, mutant, investigator of oil barrons, a daring knight in armor, a rebellious country nobleman, and king of the jungle. I have been a tall, voluptuous, armored warrior princess and a short stubby man with a cheesy mustache all on the same day. I have been told that all my base belong to them. I have had a dino, a plumber, a robotic panther and a strange ocelot meerkat-type loudmouth creature as my sidekick. Sometimes I have faced overwhelming odds with my band of merry adventurers as we wayfind and depopulate. And sometimes I have faced these odds alone, forced to leave behind my fallen comrades or my cubed shaped companions. I have solved puzzles, riddles, mazes, and collected coins, alpha-beta suits and occasionally colorful fruit. I have wondered why the blasted wizard was still eating all the food!

I have been hit, punched, kicked, shot at, stabbed, electrocuted, burned, poisoned, squashed, disintegrated, pummeled, diced, skunked, minced, bombarded, flattened from a 1000-story fall, crashed into, been tackled, been propositioned, laser-bolted, noogied, eaten, beaten, whipped, and fragged and...I've always come back for more.

I have sprained my fingers, blistered my hands, wearied my non-blinking eyes and spent fortunes (real and digital) in pursuit of more gear. I have written albums and created personal libraries of music to accompany me on my journeying.  I have tweaked, modified, coded, upgraded, uploaded, downloaded, reconfigured, networked, daisy-chained gear and watched as cities and nations were created and destroyed before my very eyes.

I have been asked, "Do you want to save?" a gogleplex of times.

I am gamer....and I’m game.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

...The xSUBn logo...

Bout Time!

If the wheels of progress turn slowly, then this must be outrageous success, cause it tooks months to get this stuff all lined up. Anyway, I've got some new stuff coming. First, links too our various websites and other things we support and endorse, a few pictures including our logo, and perhaps a sound sample of our music. We are gearing up for our first release and our 2006 BackYard Tour with our sponsors Izri Media Productions. Great things happen in the month of August.

Digital Love,

Friday, January 21, 2005

1+1 = 2

I am xSUBn, an electronic music composer (I collaborate with other artists from time to time and consider them spiritually and financially part of the group). This is the first blog post for xSUBn . Here in this wonderfuly cozy digital place I will be keeping track of xSUBn's progress on their album work, their gear, their dreams, their eating habits, their art, their video game playing, their hair (or growing lack of it), their propensity for a substance called nougat, and anything else of their personal lives (mine) that I feel led to exploit for grins and giggles. More to come...